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Do you own or manage a store, franchise?

Try to answer the following questions in two minutes!

  • Do you know what was the best selling product of your business?
  • What are the age groups who visit your store mostly?
  • How many times the same customer buys the same product from your store?
    Got it??

Most probably you have to see the logs, calculate the count or many things you need to check, and still not able to answer these basic questions?

What if all this you can get in a few clicks?

get answers to the critical questions and make better decisions to run your business.

You can directly go to the solution from here but read some more important things further.

In today’s time where you have more and more people visiting your store, making a purchase and you are just making an entry in your account book, CRM, ERP or accounting software and DONE!

But have ever thought or observed the buying behavior of your customer??
instead, just keep on overstocking the product to wish this will be sold soon!

How can you prevent this?

Don’t overstock products in your store. 

once you start observing the few patterns such as,

  • Number of Products Sold in x time
  • What type of age group of people visits mostly?
  • What are the products which are there in your stock for long?
    and many more…

You can easily predict what you needed? when did you need it? which will prevent you from over-stocking the product and keep your investment lean.

This is how you can do all this.

AROVEZ is providing a solution to the retail businesses, where we read your old data and get every valuable and possible information which helps you to make a better business decision to generate more and more sales and keep your investment lean.

How does this happen?

While you are making a sale in the store you are making an entry in your CRM, ERP, or accounting software, but you are storing just to check them as a record.

But we convert this into the valuable information which helps you to track down your business growth, whether you are onto the right track or not, what decision you can take to get your business on next level, what are the things you are ignoring to generate more and more revenue, and this all will get to know from the previous data which are just a record for you.

You can get to know more about this. Let’s Talk!